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Are Designer Blinds a Fashionable Window Treatment?


Designer blinds are one of the most fashionable and common window dressings that always look good in any room, whether it is for business or leisure. They have been around for centuries and although nobody is completely sure, it would seem that Venetian blinds were first used in the 1760s, having been brought to Europe by the Persians, specifically to Venice which was then a busy seaport.

The original blinds consisted of wooden slats hung across ribbons and the basic design today has changed remarkably little. Now of course we demand so much more from our blinds and manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to make sure that they have remained a very fashionable and useful window treatment.

The Benefits of Designer Blinds

We expect our designer blinds to look amazing. We also want them to blend in with any décor, so they have had to evolve to take into account many factors, which back in the 1700s were not a consideration.

For example, although there are lots of reasons why blinds are considered extremely fashionable, there are also many practical reasons as to why their popularity continues, for example:

  • Blinds such as the Honeycomb type are able to provide great energy efficiency with their hexagonal shaped cells – very important these days with such high energy costs
  • Honeycomb blinds also provide excellent privacy and light control with their top-down and bottom-up options
  • The S:CRAFT PURE Wood range of designer blinds has a unique system which allows the slat to be secured to the cord, meaning that it is no longer necessary to punch large holes into the slats, which then lets in light and creates a loss of privacy
  • Wooden blinds that come from a responsible company will be made from sustainable, good quality wood that will last for many years and are Eco-friendly
  • Blinds now come in so many different colours and stains, so matching any colour scheme is easy. If a unique or special colour is required, then this is also not a problem as you can provide the manufacturer with a swatch or reference number
  • Modern blinds are easy to keep clean and to maintain – essential with today’s busy lives Designer blinds made from Plantation wood are very light, so perfect for long stretches
  • Quality blinds will come with hold down brackets, ensuring that they do not move about in the breeze and get damaged

How To Buy Good Quality Blinds

The first thing that will provide a good idea about quality is the price. If the blinds are cheap, then naturally they will be poorly made and will not last. Blinds are not just a fashion statement, but also something that will have to cope with a lot of use, so they need to be tough.

Always buy from a manufacturer who provides quality made to measure blinds as it is no good if they don’t fit correctly – they will look awful. Ask about the warranty that comes with the blinds and also if it would be possible to see recommendations from other customers.

People who already have the same type of blind will certainly know exactly how good they are.

Designer Blinds Conclusion

Buying blinds which have not been made to measure is risky as a perfect fit is essential, not just aesthetically, but also to give the right degree of light and privacy control – after all – that is one of the main reasons why people choose them. Any S:CRAFT retailer will be able to send an expert fitter to your property to take correct measurements; this is the best way to guarantee that your new designer blinds will not only be extremely fashionable, but that they will fit and be functional for a very long time.

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