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Bedroom MDF Window Shutters

Although shutters have been in use for hundreds of years – in the early days before glass they were used for protection from the elements and pests – it wasn’t until the nineteenth century that people started to see them as not only functional but also decorative. Certainly decorative shutters for windows and patio doors have come a long way in design and there are many different styles, sizes and finishes available, no matter whether they are for windows, conservatories or skylights.

Examples of Decorative Shutters

There are many reasons why you would consider buying shutters beyond controlling the amount of light and air that enters a room, such as keeping heat in and cold out and but foremost in your mind will be how they will look and will they be hard-wearing.

Always buy the best decorative window shutters that you can afford, such as those made by S:CRAFT, as quality will not only ensure years of constant daily use with little or no maintenance, but will also give you the most stylish and wide variety of window treatments to choose from.

There are many to choose from and your choice will depend very much on the type of property that you intend to put them into. Decorative shutters for windows include Plantation Shutters, which are perfect for any modern or contemporary home when painted in a stylish light colour or gleaming white, however they are also just as effective when a Colonial look is required, in which case you might prefer them to be stained instead of painted.

The Plantation styles are not only great decorative window shutters, they are also very practical as, with the use of rods, they can be divided into smaller sections, allowing certain areas to be opened while others remain closed, ensuring the perfect use of light and additional privacy.

Ideas for Decorative Plantation Shutters

With so many sizes and colours available they are the perfect decorative plantation shutters in most homes, no matter what the age or style. If your property is of a more traditional design, perhaps from the Victorian era or maybe you would like to create a New England feel to a particular room such as a bedroom or bathroom, then the ideal decorative shutters could be the solid panel types with their pure simplicity of styling, which will ensure that they are a major feature of any room.

Café shutters are also stunning decorative shutters for any window. These will just fit the lower half of your window, preventing any passer-by from being able to see into your room, yet without detracting from the light coming in and you being able to see out, as with the old-fashioned net curtains.

There is also the tier-on-tier type where the whole window is covered but the top and bottom are hinged separately, allowing one to be open and one closed – the best of both worlds and suitable decorative shutters of any age of property.

Decorative Window Shutters in any particular room

Depending on the style of room that you have and the type of décor that you wish to introduce, the choice of decorative window shutters can vary enormously. Take a look at other features in the room, such as the colour of the doors, flooring, skirting boards and the type of furniture that will be in place, as this will give you an insight as to the right sort of decorative shutters in any particular room; personal choice will dictate whether you want your decorative shutters to blend in or be in contrast, although they should always be the same colour as the frames.

Always ensure that your shutters are fixed by an expert, using the correct hinges and hardware. Decorative shutters for all windows, patio and French doors will enhance your home and help to increase its value, so buy wisely, as quality shutters from S:CRAFT will look amazing.