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Custom Window Shutters

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Custom window shutters – have you ever considered them? Perhaps your windows are an odd shape or an irregular size, so shutters were not a consideration in the past, well now you are able to move your home into the 21st century, as custom window shutters are readily available.

Any design of shutter can be made-to-measure and nothing looks more stylish than custom plantation shutters that mould to the shape of an unusual or feature window.

Irregularly shaped windows are almost impossible to dress with curtains or roller blinds and ill-fitting drapes are worse than none at all; custom window shutters can be made to fit any type of window and they will be perfect to the last millimetre.

Custom Window Shutters For Awkward Shaped Windows

It is a fact of life that when architects design buildings, the last thing on their minds is how to furnish the windows, so they create stunning arches, circles, triangles and ovals, to name but a few, and leave the owner to wonder what to do with them. S:CRAFT are able to make custom window shutters for any shape, no matter how awkward. It is the same with old buildings, such as barns which, when converted, make wonderful family homes, but by keeping original features will almost certainly have some odd-shaped openings, which all add to the charm.

Custom made shutters will increase the beauty of such windows and provide all the modern requirements needed for today’s homes.

Windows come in many shapes; some of the more unusual being octagons, ellipses and portholes. Gable end openings are also widely employed these days in new-builds and frequently in characterful houses.

Consider also the use of custom window shutters in conservatories and skylights – traditionally very difficult to dress – but now made a thing of beauty with the different styles of plantation shutters available.

Ideas For Custom Window Shutters in Your Home

Gable end windows are a wonderful feature and by using custom window shutters you will be able to maximise the amount of natural light coming into your house, this in turn will open up the space in a way no other dressing can. Gable end windows are very often in a bedroom, so being able to shut them at night, blocking out all exterior light, will ensure a good night’s sleep.

Arched windows are a very popular feature with architects and also prevalent in chapel conversions for example. Custom plantation shutters are perfect, as they will provide all the privacy needed, while enhancing the beautiful shape without covering it up. The same applies to bay windows, which are common in many homes and work places.

Imagine sitting on a window seat set into the bay reading a book, the windows dressed with gorgeous café style custom made shutters, that will give you all the privacy that you need, while allowing light to flood in through the top half of the windows.

S:CRAFT Custom Plantation Shutters

Custom window shutters also look great on patio or French doors, indeed any area where a large expanse needs to be covered. Height and width will not matter, as any size can be made so that there is a perfect fit.

Any company that sells S:CRAFT products can advise you as to the best solutions for your windows and will be able to give you a no obligation quote. Do remember however that a professional should always fit custom plantation shutters, as mistakes will not be acceptable. This way you will know that you are getting the best possible guarantee and that your custom window shutters will look and function as new for a long time to come.

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