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Craftwood Shutters

Craftwood MDF Shutters

Everyone has a budget in mind, which can be down to affordability or in the case of a commercial or investment property, a sound business choice – this is where Craftwood shutters can come into their own.

Are Craftwood Shutters a Good Choice?

However it is important to remember that whether they are for the family home or work, they need to look good. Shutters are by far the most impressive of all window treatments and Craftwood or MDF are a great option under these circumstances. Apart from affordability there are several other reasons why these are a great option, such as:

  • They are perfect for high-traffic areas of the home or workplace as they are coated in an extruded polypropylene which makes them very tough.
  • Although less colour options are available than with wood, the S:CRAFT Antigua range still offers a choice of five different shades to compliment any décor.
  • The Antigua range does not stint on quality, despite the price, as it includes a decorative beading, usually found on more expensive shutters.
  • They are are ideal for small and medium sized windows, but because of their weight, should not be used for large windows.
  • If you are renovating a property to sell, by including Craftwood shutters in your budget, it will ensure that your property will be better than the competition, making it easier to sell.

Where Not To Use Craftwood shutters?

Plantation Shutters for Bay WindowsIf your windows are unusual shapes such as curved, then Craftwood shutters will not be suitable, however linear shapes, for example triangles, are possible and they do indeed provide a perfect cost efficient solution for windows that would normally be difficult to cover. You should not use this type of stutter in humid areas such as bathrooms, as MDF is likely to deteriorate over a period of time, especially by warping, if it is constantly subjected to moisture.

Consider carefully also if you want to use them in a kitchen; they may well be fine, especially if you have double glazing to keep condensation out and also if your windows are not too close to cookers and sinks.

If In Doubt…

It is always better to discuss your requirements with someone who knows, as mistakes can prove costly as does incorrect fitting. Unless you are an expert, buying cheap MDF shutters is a mistake and trying to cut them to fit, haphazard to say the least.

With mistakes being costly it is far better to contact an S:CRAFT stockist in your area for a chat; not only will you will discover whether Craftwood shutters are the right ones for you, but you can also get a quote for made-to-measure, ensuring they are perfect first time.