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How To Cover Arched Shaped Windows

Arched shaped window coverings

Are you looking to Cover Arched Shaped Windows?

Arched shaped windows can be found in many different types and styles of buildings: from converted churches and barns right through to architect designed ultra-modern houses and apartments. If you are lucky enough to own such a property, then your thoughts will no doubt have turned to a window dressing that will not detract from their beauty. Curtains obviously will not do and as many arched windows are in hard-to-reach places, this causes yet more food for thought.

Shutters for arched shaped windows

The answer quite simply is shutters. They will be made-to-measure, following the contours of the arch perfectly and as shutters in their own right are stunning, they can only add to the overall beauty. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • A perfect fit is guaranteed
  • Shutters provide maximum light control
  • Privacy is also maximised
  • They help to add an extra layer of insulation

Your arched shaped windows deserve the very best, so don’t take any chances by trying to measure the window yourself. Just a couple of millimeters out and the result can be disappointing. Always get in the professionals, such as S:CRAFT, for any odd shaped windows, as you will then know that not only will your shutters be a perfect fit, but your arched shaped windows will be accentuated and continue to be an amazing feature.

How to reach arched shaped windows

Many arched windows are set high and unless you want to climb up and down a ladder, then a telescopic pole can be provided. This allows louvres to be opened and closed quickly and easily, regardless of the shape or size of your window.

Arched special shape shutters

Curved beauty and functionality combined within your windows

Unless your property is sitting in the middle of a field, the chances are your arched shaped windows will be overlooked by neighbours. The louvres on your shutters can be fully or partially open, depending on how much privacy is required during the day and then fully closed at night for total privacy. The other advantage is light control, as direct sunlight will fade soft furnishings and wooden floors; allow in as little or as much, as and when required. Shutters also help to provide an extra barrier against draughts, keeping the heat in and the cold out.

Classic Architecture

The origins of the arched window are thought to have come from the Romans, who had an amazing ability to create something very special. They are such an impressive architectural feature that to even consider anything that might be ill-fitting or unattractive would result in great disappointment and further expense. Shutters were also used in Roman times and therefore, historically they are made for each other. The effect from your arched shaped windows will be incredible as the light filters through the slats, creating a very special radiance that cannot be achieved with any other type of covering.



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