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Cost of Plantation Shutters

What do plantation shutters cost

What is the Cost of Plantation Shutters? There are many different styles and qualities available, making it very difficult to establish precisely the cost of window shutters. There are cheap ones, mid-priced ones and the top-of-the-range; you will always get what you pay for.

What is the Cost of Plantation Shutters?

If your decision is to buy the cheapest, then do not expect them to be robust and long-lasting as they will be there more as window dressing rather than providing the functionality and practicality of the more expensive ones.

The better the quality, the higher the cost of window shutters as you would expect, but the benefits are enormous and you should always buy the very best that you can afford. Quality plantation shutters will be able to withstand constant use and they will come with a full guarantee, whereas cheaper shutters, although they may also covered, are likely to be subject to many exclusions, as this is one of the ways to keep the price down; the other being the quality of shutter materials and manufacture.

Questions to Ask When Looking at the Cost of Window Shutters

There are many important factors to consider when looking at the cost of plantation shutters such as:

  • Can I fit them myself?
  • Can plantation shutters be installed on any size and shape of window?
  • What material should I choose?
  • Does wood deteriorate in any way with age?
  • What colours and stains are available?
  • What is the best way to clean my plantation shutters?

To take each question separately, yes, it is possible to fit them yourself, however unless you are very skilled, it is advisable to get an expert in, such as the professionals who can supply and fit S:CRAFT plantation shutters. The cost of the window shutters is irrelevant if they are poorly fitted as they will lose that ‘wow’ factor.

Any supplier of S:CRAFT products will be able to advise you as to the cost of plantation shutters which will fit awkward-sized windows; any shape can be accommodated.

The best type of materials to use will depend on the style of your house – modern or characterful – and the cost of plantation shutters will vary according to what is used. There is a great range of stains and colours to choose from, including an anti-bacterial coating from S:CRAFT if required and cleaning the shutters is easy: just use a feather duster, a damp sponge or alternatively, run the vacuum cleaner nozzle over them.

The Cost of Plantation Window Shutters and Installation

The cost of plantation shutters will vary depending on the window size and the amount of individual sections required; advice is best taken from an experienced team of installers. You will find the cost of plantation shutters can be very reasonable when they include fitting. Also the cost of plantation shutters that will be hard-wearing and come with a full guarantee should always be professionally mounted to get the maximum benefits and beauty from your investment.

An S:CRAFT supplier will be able to advise and in the long run, save you on the cost of plantation shutters.