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Conventional Window Treatments

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Why Plantation Shutters Are Better For Your Home Than Conventional Window Treatments Like Curtain and Blinds?

Take a look around your home or workplace and you will almost certainly see conventional window treatments such as old-fashioned curtains and blinds. The curtains may well smell dusty and if you have pets or children, hairs and sticky fingers will not be helping to keep them clean. Run your fingers over your blinds – no matter how fastidious you are, they will never feel really clean. Dust mites will have a wonderful time sharing your home with you and unless you wash your curtains weekly, your family may well be experiencing allergies. There is however a solution – shutters

When You Choose Your Window Treatments

Shutters come in many different shapes and sizes and because of their natural beauty and efficiency, need to be perfect. Quality shutters will have a lifespan of more than 20 years, so fit and styles are important. No matter how many times you change your décor, your shutters will remain, perfectly in tune with any colour scheme, unlike conventional window treatments. Choose wisely from a company such as S:CRAFT, whose suppliers and fitters have undergone a rigorous training programme. They can not only advise you on the best styles for your windows, but will also be able to measure exactly and fit to perfection.

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Variety of Different Window Treatment Styles

Every style is stunning, but some will be more suitable than others. For example a period Victorian of Georgian property will look amazing with solid shutters. Many modern, terraced and semi-detached houses have bay windows; a feature in themselves and perfect for bay window shutters. Choose also from tier-on-tier for complete versatility over light and privacy control and for that ‘tres chic’ property, café style shutters will look amazing. Lets also not forget track shutters for those large windows and special shaped for unusual ones.

Keeping Your Home Warm In The Winter and Cool in The Summer

Not only will your new shutters look stunning, they will also help to reduce your utility bills; insulating qualities are far better than with more conventional window treatments. They are perfect for keeping heat in and cold out in the winter and vice versa during the summer. This allows you to turn down the thermostat on your radiators and greatly reduces the need for air conditioning and fans during the hotter months. So forget conventional window treatments and invest in yourself and your family’s future with shutters.