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Colour Schemes For Bedrooms

Colour schemes for bedrooms

Picking the Right Colour Scheme For A Bedroom

Have you thought about what colours you will include in your bedroom? There are many colour schemes that you can choose from and a lot will depend on the age and type of property and individual taste: from New England blues and whites and Hollywood reds and pinks to tranquil mauves and greys and sunny yellows and orange.

Choosing a shade to compliment your shutters

Bedrooms are no longer just considered a place to sleep, they are now a room to relax in and in a busy household, find some peace and quiet. Lets also not forget the sophistication of French château styling as opposed to the chic French boudoir look. However no matter what type of interior design you desire for your bedspace, shutters always give that little bit extra that says ‘wow’ when someone walks into a room.

If you find your eye is naturally drawn to more of a neutral palette for the bedroom, why not shake things up with a shot of colour. Use an elegant, rich shade of green on the walls in your bedroom to instantly warm up the space and create a cosy, cocoon-like feel. Shades that look more natural will also fare better as the years progress, future proofing your property should you choose to sell.

Bedroom Full Height Shutters

Colour match for an eye-catching look

The best way to find a colour scheme to complete your bedroom that will compliment your window coverings is to find shutters that will compliment your décor and furnishings. S:CRAFT have a range of shutters, all available in many different shades, tones and stains.

If they don’t have the exact shade that you want, you can take a sample or reference number into your local supplier and they will be able match it for you. Imagine the New England theme, but with eggshell or much darker blue shutters, white walls and accentuating blue cushions, throws and rugs – stunning.

Any type of French styling in the bedroom lends itself perfectly to shutters, in fact they are essential. The classic château look will combine soft, pale aesthetics and perhaps a feature wall either in a floral print or for a bolder look, stripes; the boudoir will need stronger shades to be effective.

Either white or a single colour should be carried through in the wallpaper or bed linen for a consistent feel, no matter what. However do think ahead, because the French look can easily be changed in the future, so shutters should be in a fairly neutral colour.

colour choice for bedroom shutters

The choice of colour schemes for bedrooms

The colours used in bedrooms can also revolve around shades which make you feel good, in particular your favourites. Red is considered to be energising, green soothing and yellow is for the eternal optimist; but also remembering to paint the ceiling in a light colour (or plain white) as this will help to give the appearance of more height.

Another great thing to think about with your bedroom design is to think about places you have visited which hold wonderful memories – consider the feelings that you associate with that particular place and recognise why the design was a contributing factor. Although you may not be looking to copy another space in your own, the shades and tones and furnishings could be partially reflected to help create an interior that is 100% you.

Are the colors soft and dreamy? Are they bold and vibrant? Are they muted and serene? The bedroom is a wonderful place to introduce a design and colour choices that fit the mood you want.

No matter what colour the design, your shutters will always prove to be a focal point – the first thing that people will notice when then enter the bedroom. Have a look at the different colours and finishes available from your local S:CRAFT dealer and let your imagination flow while choosing your colour schemes for bedrooms.