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Cheap Window Shutters

Window shutters for living room

There is as saying that we all know, “Buy cheap and you get cheap”, so if you purchase cheap window shutters, then that is exactly what you will get.

Regardless of the cost, you expect them to last and sadly this will not be the case with economy options because of:

7 Reason Why You Should Never Buy Cheap Window Shutters

Common Issues with Cheap Window Shutters:

  • Warping – this is a common issue with cheap window shutters as they are unable to cope with even the smallest amount of condensation. They are also not very tolerant to extreme changes in temperature, so will soon become difficult to close.
  • Inconsistent paint finishes – inferior shutters will only be given perhaps one or two coats of paint or varnish, which means that not only will the finish probably be uneven, it will look shabby and fade very quickly, which of course is why they come with a short warranty as opposed to the S:CRAFT three year guarantee.

Not a job for the faint-hearted

  • How to measure – this is not a job for the faint-hearted, despite all the companies which sell cheap window shutters telling you how easy it is. They will show you little diagrams which look easy to follow and perhaps even offer online advice – but beware – looking at a picture and actually attempting to measure your windows for shutters are two very different things.
  • Difficult to fit – regardless of how skilled at DIY you are, fitting plantation shutters is a job for the professionals. Poorly fitted shutters will come off their hinges and the appearance can be spoilt, so cheap will no longer be the first thing that will come into your mind, especially if you end up having to call in the professional anyway!

When you buy quality shutters

  • Timber composite – this can be okay if it is very good quality, however if you are buying cheap, then of course it will not be. If the timber composite shutters you are considering are a low price, then avoid them, because they will simply not last.
  • Lead times – this is the time between the start and completion of a production process. When you buy quality shutters, you will know, from the time that they take to make, that they are made to measure from quality materials. If your delivery time is quick – be very wary.
  • Good enough to do the job – no not you – the quality of the shutters! If you are going to put them on large doorways, special or difficult shaped windows, then make very sure that they are strong enough, otherwise you will just be wasting your money.

Remember, “You only get what you pay for”, cheap window shutters make sense if you want a quick sale on a property, otherwise invest wisely and buy quality that will last for years, no matter how much use they get.