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There are usually two main reasons why someone would buy cheap shutters, the first is affordability and the second is profitability; as would be the case with someone who is refurbishing a property to sell on. However, the old adage “you get what you pay for” is very true and there are certain important things to look out for when you buy cheap shutters.

What to consider when buying cheap shutters

Cheap shutters will be of an inferior quality, meaning that they will not be particularly robust or easy to maintain, so you must consider this before buying. If you or your customer want something that will last and withstand the knocks from a growing family, then S:CRAFT will provide the quality required at a great price. While cheap shutters may look the part in the beginning, they will soon show signs of wear.

The guarantee is also very important. Check the small print carefully as there may be many things missing. Look to see how installation by an unqualified person will affect the warranty, especially if you are planning to install cheap shutters yourself.

Even if you are a professional builder – are you qualified under the terms of the guarantee? Check also that the warranty is comprehensive – exclusions are costly and excluded for a reason.

Is it safe to buy cheap plantation shutters online?

Lounge Wooden ShuttersYou will have to be very confident if you intend to buy cheap plantation shutters online as there are many things that you will have to know how to do; for example, measuring and deciding what size slats will be required for each individual window. You will also need to have an understanding as to how you or your customer will want the shutters mounted.

Making mistakes when ordering can prove both costly and time consuming. When ordering cheap shutters online, you will be buying without seeing the actual product, so what is in the photograph and what actually gets delivered can vary, both in the way it looks and how it feels.

Regardless of whether you have looked around all your local DIY stores for something similar, what you will get online is never the same. Of course using a fully qualified fitter will improve the look of cheap shutters, but could end up proving expensive as adjustments may well have to be made to make the cheap shutters fit.

Cheap window shutters versus high quality

Cheap window shutters will provide an immediate solution, but long-term needs will not be taken care of. Quality has to be the first cutback and this is where more expensive plantation shutters will win every time. The guarantee which comes with your cheap shutters will be basic, whereas quality window shutters from S:CRAFT will not only last for years, but will also come with a full manufacturing guarantee.

While cheap shutters may be better than curtains or normal blinds, always buy the very best that you or your customer can afford and use recommended tradespeople to fit them. S:CRAFT will not let you down, as our customers can confirm.