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Room darkening shutter & shade helps you sleep soundly

Shutter shade room darkening blind insert

Can’t sleep? Minimise the amount of light coming through your windows with our integrated blind and shutter solution

If you are having trouble sleeping, kept awake by light sneaking into your bedroom, then the Shutter & Shade solution from S:CRAFT could be just for you. If you can’t sleep because it is too sunny during the day, or have issues with street lights at night, then you need the best window coverings for bedrooms.

Even with such a wide variety on the marketplace, many so-called blackout blinds still allow small levels of light into any bedroom. For young children, who need to nap in the day, as well as night or shift workers who need to rest at different times, having even a fraction of light can be a real issue.

If you can’t sleep because the light is keeping you awake, at whatever time you need to rest, then the darkest environment is a must. The Shutter & Shade combo is also great for home movie viewing, letting you watch your favourite film, or playing the latest video game, without glare affecting the screen.

Shuttercraft Room Darkening Huddersfield

Fantastic for shift workers who can’t sleep

At S:CRAFT we have developed an integrated combo of stylish plantation shutters and room darkening PURE Cell Honeycomb Blinds. For those who can’t sleep, it creates an amazingly dark environment, great for shutting out the light any time of day.

Unlike blackout blinds or curtains, the blind sits snugly in its own channel behind the shutters, stopping almost all light from seeping in. The shutter’s frame overlaps the blind, allowing you to sleep soundly, whether day or night. The beauty of the shutter means that the system suits almost any type of interior.

Even if you find you can’t sleep because of the tiniest light levels, they will be almost completely extinguished with a Shutter & Shade solution, leaving you in the peace needed for resting properly.

An integrated solution provides the best window coverings for bedrooms

Shutters are a great window dressing for managing the light entering a room and look outstanding with almost any décor. Adding a room darkening blind adds an extra layer behind the shutters, reducing the external light to almost nothing. This approach makes them ideal for nurseries and bedrooms of young children who find it difficult to nap during the day.

In addition to limiting light entering a room, our blinds also restrict visibility of the room to anyone on the outside. This makes the combination of Shutter & Shade the best window covering for bedrooms or bathrooms, where privacy is required at any time of day.

The pocketed, honeycomb design of our blinds makes them perfect for trapping air and help add thermal insulation. This feature is in addition to the foil lining which blocks out the sun or streetlights.


Created especially for your home

Reducing the light getting in and out of your home as much as possible means getting a window covering that is made-to-measure for your home. All window treatments from S:CRAFT are manufactured to your individual requirements, making them the perfect alternative to shop bought blackout blinds.

Blocking out streetlights at night, or the sun during the day is important for getting the best rest possible. Having a combination of shutters and blinds fitted in your home could well be the ideal solution if you can’t sleep.

Are you looking for more research information focused on why our Shutter & Shade product could help you sleep soundly, then why not visit our next blog post how to improve your nights sleep with shutter perfection.