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Can You Fit Shutters to a Porthole Window

Shutters for porthole windows

Can You Fit Shutters to a Porthole Window

Porthole windows have great charm, and although they began life their life providing room for cannons on King Henry VIII’s warships, they also evoke memories of romantic voyages on transatlantic liners. It was soon discovered that a circular opening was much stronger than a conventional square one and could withstand even the harshest of weather, so they became extremely popular for coastal properties. There are also many buildings from the Art Deco period which boast these beautiful windows.

In architectural terms, they are called an Oculus and over time, styles have varied, to include incorporating a bullseye, a sunburst from a central point and stained glass, however, providing a suitable window treatment for them has always been a problem – until now. Made-to-measure S:CRAFT plantation shutters are the perfect solution. These days, architects love porthole windows and often include them in modern designs; the big difference now is that they come in all sizes, from small to almost covering an entire exterior wall.

The Advantages of Shutters For Your Porthole Windows

As a major feature of any building – home or workplace – porthole windows deserve a treatment that will enhance their beauty, not hide it. As they can be found anywhere on the property, including upper floors and attics where accessibility can be a problem, it is important to have a window treatment that, once it is professionally installed, requires no maintenance other than a quick going over with a vacuum cleaner nozzle or an extendable arm feather duster for those hard to reach windows.

Styles of Shutters Available

Shuttercraft Porthole Shutters for Dormer WindowNo two porthole windows are the same, so precise measurements are essential before ordering your shutters. This will be carried out by your local S:CRAFT stockist, who has a lot of experience with unusual shaped windows. He or she will also take you through your various options, including styles, materials and colours.

This way you will have all the necessary information to make an informed choice on what is right for you. As round shutters need a specialist cut, not all models are suitable, however, you can choose from the following, as all are made from very strong materials and are extremely robust:

  • Fiji – Paulownia wood is used for the stained shutters and quality hardwoods of the painted finish, all taken from sustainable sources. The beautiful wood grain looks amazing and the made-to-measure fit will be perfect, as with all S-CRAFT shutters
  • Samoa – made from one of the finest timbers in the world, White Teak, when ordered in a stained finish, these stunning top-of-the-range shutters have a unique look that others can only imitate. If you have a large porthole window, then these will enhance its beauty as nothing else can

There is an S:CRAFT porthole window shutter to fit into your budget, so there is no need to compromise with an inferior make, and, with such a wide choice of colours and stains, regardless of your décor, you will be able to choose one that will look amazing and fit perfectly.

Louvres or Solid Panels?

The most popular choice for porthole windows is louvres. There are several reasons why – one being that if the window is high up, then it may be a problem to climb up to open and shut it frequently. Louvres can be fully or semi-open all the time, so constant adjustment is not necessary. If your porthole window is easily accessible, then it just comes down to preference, as either will look incredible and will provide the same benefits. These include the ultimate in light and privacy control, additional insulation between the glass and the room, which helps to reduce utility bills. Another great advantage is one of security; intruders much prefer to find a property without shutters!

Bespoke Shutters For Porthole Windows

You may have an Art Deco home or an architect, individually designed one. Maybe a beautiful seaside property that has an almost ship-like look about the exterior, or a trendy apartment where a porthole window has been used to make the most of exterior light. They all need a bespoke window treatment and shutters are the perfect choice. Not only will they fit perfectly, but they will make an already stunning feature into something even better.

Expert advice is on hand from any S:CRAFT stockist, as each and every porthole and indeed any unusual shaped window is unique and requires the hand of a professional. Now you know how to make the most of your porthole windows with bespoke shutters. Not only are they the only practical window treatment solution, they are incredibly stylish too why not have your porthole windows measured for premium shutters.


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