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Buying Wooden Shutters

Considerations for buying wooden shutters

Buying Wooden Shutters

There is no doubt that the best way to add that air of elegance and timeless beauty to your rooms is to install shutters, but buying wooden shutters can appear to be daunting, as not only are they a window treatment that will last for a very long time, so need to compliment any décor, but also it is difficult to know what to buy for where, as there are so many different styles available.

Six Vital Things To Consider When Buying Wooden Shutters

Interior designers and property developers love them as they certainly make your home much more attractive to potential buyers. Here are some considerations which should be taken into account before buying wooden shutters:

  • Always buy from a reputable company such as S:CRAFT. Many will make you promises they can’t keep so be sure to use a supplier with a good, long-standing reputation who can offer you the full package, including a first class after sales service. This will then give you total peace of mind that your investment will be a good one.
  • Always buy the best that your budget will allow; they will receive a lot of wear and tear and cheap shutters will look shoddy in a very short time. You get what you pay for and if you have to replace them every couple of years, then they will end up costing you a lot more than if you had bought quality in the first place.
  • Check the guarantee – sounds logical, but how many of us read the small print! Your guarantee should be for three years and should be comprehensive. Indeed a reputable company will have clients who have had their shutters for as long as 10 years
  • Remember that buying wooden shutters for humid areas such as bathrooms may not be the best solution. Check with your supplier as by far the best are shutters made from ABS, such as the S:CRAFT Java range, which are 100% waterproof and due to their high quality finish are hard to tell from wood.
  • Do not be tempted to buy pre-made shutters as they will never fit properly and one of the key features of wooden blinds is that light bleed is minimised. Always, when buying wooden shutters, insist that they are made-to-measure as this is the only way to maximise the benefits, such as light and privacy control and also insulation.
  • Your shutters should always be fitted by a professional. This is not a DIY job as mistakes will prove to be costly and time consuming. Remember this is a long-term investment and also a design statement in your home or workplace, so they must look perfect, not just aesthetically, but also to achieve the maximum benefits as mentioned above.

Wooden Conservatory Shutters

Deciding on styles is easy

Deciding on styles is easy because your supplier will be able to show you the best options for your windows, no matter what shape they are. You can then decide on colours and slat sizes and discuss other options such as privacy rails which should be included in the price of full height shutters; this will allow you to keep the top part open and the bottom part closed. One thing is for sure, buying wooden shutters will be one of the best things you have ever done for your property.