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What To Consider When Installing Window Shutters

Posted on 2015-08-07 in Installing Window Shutters

Be sure to get your windows accurately measured in order to achieve that perfect look and fit. Ask your S:CRAFT stockist to show you the available options, including single and bi-folding, tilt rails and different louvre sizes available.

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How To Save Energy and Money In Your Home

There is no doubt that plantation shutters will save energy and money in your home, while also creating that very special window dressing that you often see in interior design magazines and have wondered how to create.

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How To Update The Interior Of Your Home

Posted on 2015-07-23 in Home Interior, Stylish Shutters

How To Update The Interior Of Your Home As you look around your home, you may well be feeling that the overall look is tired and in need of updating. Your thoughts could turn to new cushion covers or perhaps curtains, maybe even some fresh wallpaper or a feature wall – all this is great […]

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Picking The Best Bathroom Window Treatment

It is important to buy the right type of waterproof bathroom blinds and shutters for this particular room. Don’t waste that time by gazing around looking at faded paintwork, mildew and dated curtains or plastic blinds.

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The Popularity of Victorian Bay Window Shutters

Posted on 2015-04-13 in Bay Window Shutters, Victorian Houses

Bay windows with their classic good looks and timeless appeal deserve only the very best treatment. Regardless of the style of shutters you choose, they will enhance the natural charm of your bay windows.

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The Ultimate Guide on How To Buy Plantation Shutters

With so many different styles to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are best for where. Once you have established where your nearest stockist is through the S:CRAFT website you will be able to arrange a visit with a fully trained shutter specialist.

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Plantation Shutters Reviews

Posted on 2015-02-27 in Plantation Shutters, Tips & Styling Help

We are so impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and friendliness of both the S:CRAFT representative and their fitters that we cannot recommend them highly enough and writing some plantation shutters reviews has been a pleasure.

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Shutter Manufacturers UK

Posted on 2015-02-24 in Shutter Manufacturers UK

Buying from S:CRAFT shutter manufacturers UK will not only ensure the very best quality, you will also be able to buy at extremely affordable prices. So if you are considering shutters for your home of workplace, S:CRAFT shutter manufacturers UK is the perfect choice.

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Made to Measure Louvre Doors UK

Posted on 2015-02-19 in Made to Measure, Tips & Styling Help

Made to measure louvre doors are stunning to look at and provide everything that is required by modern day standards and requirements.

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Shutters Doors and Windows

Posted on 2015-02-16 in Door Shutters, Tips & Styling Help

By buying shutters doors and windows from a reputable supplier such as S:CRAFT, you will find satisfaction on both fronts. They look amazing and have no close rivals when it comes to making windows in any room.

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How to find your window shutter manufacturers

You can decide whether you prefer to go for a natural wood look with one of the many stunning stains available, or you may prefer a colour, whether it be from the S:CRAFT palette or customised to your choice.

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Discount Window Shutters

Posted on 2015-02-06 in Discount Shutters, Tips & Styling Help

Regardless of the type of shutters that are best suited to your needs, price will always be a major factor, but consider very carefully before buying cheap shutters as there is a big difference between cheap and discounted.

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New trend shutter concepts 

Posted on 2015-01-23 in Interior Shutter Guide, Shutter concepts

It is no surprise that in 2015, home and business owners, contemplating new trend shutter concepts, will consider these factors very carefully. They will do their homework thoroughly before deciding where to purchase.

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The Top Four Advantages of Indoor Window Shutters in Your Home

Posted on 2015-01-05 in Indoor Window Shutters

Ultimately, the advantages of installing shutters are great and far outweigh the initial outlay. However, do buy from a well-known manufacturer such as S:CRAFT, as this is a long-term investment that will last for many years.

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How To Cover Arched Shaped Windows

Unless your property is sitting in the middle of a field, the chances are your arched shaped windows will be overlooked by neighbours. The answer quite simply is shutters.

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What Size Louvred Panels Should I Choose?

Posted on 2014-12-04 in Louvered Shutters

As windows come in all different shapes and sizes, including unusual shapes such as ovals, arched and triangular, getting the size of your louvres correct is vital.

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Heritage Paint Colours

Posted on 2014-12-02 in Shutter Colours, Stylish Shutters

The Heritage paint colours selection is able to give you fresh ideas that may not have immediately sprung to mind, giving your shutters and your home an incredible and stylish finish.

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Ultimate Shutters Why Choose S:CRAFT

Posted on 2014-11-28 in Shutter Perfection, Styles of Shutters

Regardless of whether you are looking to buy for one window or many, it is important that you purchase the very best shutters that you can afford, from a reputable manufacturer and supplier.

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A Look at The History Behind Traditional Window Shutters

Posted on 2014-11-26 in Traditional Shutters, Window Treatments

We still receive the same benefits from traditional window shutters nowadays as people did all those centuries ago; naturally with considerably advanced production methods and quality.

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How To Improve Your Nights Sleep With Shutter Perfection

Posted on 2014-11-25 in Shutter Perfection

Many people need to sleep during the day, such as shift workers, the elderly and small children – exterior light has always been a problem; achieving shutter perfection is a great solution.

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