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A Guide To White Wooden Shutters

Posted on 2014-11-12 in Window Treatments, Wooden Shutters

Without a doubt, white wooden shutters are the most popular and for many obvious reasons. They look clean and minimalist – perfect for the contemporary home, but they also look incredibly chic when seeking that special French style of décor.

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Buying Wooden Shutters

Deciding on styles is easy because your supplier will be able to show you the best options for your windows, no matter what shape they are. Buying wooden shutters can appear to be daunting, as it is difficult to know what to buy for where, as there are so many different styles available.

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Solid Wooden Interior Shutters

Posted on 2014-08-08 in Wooden Shutters

Solid wooden interior shutters as nothing looks more stunning, is harder wearing and easier to clean and maintain, so it makes a lot of sense to make these your number one choice.

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White Teak 

Posted on 2014-06-27 in Hardwood shutters, Wooden Shutters

Without a doubt, the white teak shutters created by S:CRAFT, known as the Sumatra range, are engineered to perfection. Not only are they versatile and hardwearing, S:CRAFT are also able to offer a huge selection of colours and stains.

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Paulownia Wood Shutters

Posted on 2014-05-22 in Hardwood shutters, Wooden Shutters

The Fiji range of Paulownia Wood Shutters are very lightweight, making them suitable for large windows and wardrobes and the panels can be over one metre in width if required.

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