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Let shutters make the most of your home this summer!

With origins stretching back as far as Ancient Greece, plantation shutters are still popular to this day in warmer climates. They are often crafted from sustainable hard wood, and feature moveable slats (called louvres) that can be tilted to affect the outside light and visibility within a home.

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Privacy benefits of café style shutters

Posted on 2016-07-27 in Benefits of Shutters, Cafe Style

Places of work such as doctors’ surgeries, dentists and law firms, require a level of discretion, especially when close to busy roads and pavements. The privacy provided by café style shutters enables a light and homely atmosphere despite keeping the windows covered from the outside world.

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Child friendly window coverings

Rather than using a curtain for your child’s bedroom, which can quickly accumulate dust, shutters are a hygienic alternative that are easy to clean, great for allergy sufferers, and offering great privacy, safety and light control at any time of the day.

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