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Shutters Help you Save Money

Posted on 2022-05-11 in Energy Saving Window Shutters

There is no doubt that plantation shutters will save energy and money in your home, while also creating that very special window dressing that you often see in interior design magazines and have wondered how to create.

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Do Room Divider Shutters Help Update A Living Space?

Often an extension is not possible for a home; this may be because of planning restrictions, lack of space or budget. Using a room divider in a larger space can help you re-imagine your living areas.

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Choosing Materials for internal shutters

Posted on 2019-05-03 in Shutter materials, Stylish Shutters

When it comes to window coverings, there are options for curtains and blinds, and the addition of window shutters opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

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Colour Schemes For Bedrooms

Posted on 2019-04-18 in Colours and Finishes

The choice of colour schemes for bedrooms can also revolve around shades which make you feel good, such as your favourite colours. No matter what colour you choose, your shutters will always be the focal point.

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Colour Schemes for Dining Rooms

Posted on 2019-04-17 in Colours and Finishes

The best way to ensure that there will be no clashing of shades is to create a ‘mood board’, as used by interior designers. This will allow you to harmonise your choice of colours and textures and can avoid expensive mistakes later.

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Try a wood stain for hardwood shutters

Posted on 2019-04-15 in Hardwood shutters, Wooden Shutters

Hardwood is strong, versatile and easy to maintain, making it the perfect material for plantation shutters, and, as all S:CRAFT hardwood shutters are made using wood taken from sustainable sources, you will be doing your bit for the planet too.

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What are Shaker Panel Shutters?

Posted on 2019-04-03 in Solid Panel Shutters

As they are made from quality hardwood, there is a wide range of colours and stains available to blend in with any décor, giving your bedroom that very special look. Shaker Panel Shutters will help give your windows the ‘wow’ factor.

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Let shutters make the most of your home this summer!

With origins stretching back as far as Ancient Greece, plantation shutters are still popular to this day in warmer climates. They are often crafted from sustainable hard wood, and feature moveable slats (called louvres) that can be tilted to affect the outside light and visibility within a home.

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Room darkening shutter & shade helps you sleep soundly

Shutters are a great window dressing for managing the light entering a room and look outstanding with almost any décor. Adding a room darkening blind adds an extra layer behind the shutters, reducing the external light to almost nothing.

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Why White Shutters Are The Most Popular Choice

Posted on 2019-02-21 in Tips & Styling Help, White shutters

If you feel like making a statement by adding white window shutters to contrast your interior designs, why not lift the look of your living space with our range of styles and sizes. Available in a range of materials.

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What is the best way of installing plantation shutters?

When was the last time you stood in your house and looked at your windows? Is it still looking how you envisaged? Your S:CRAFT supplier can come and fit new plantation shutters to your home following a survey and order, ensuring that everything will be perfect.

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How Waterproof Are Shutters?

Waterproof plantation shutters will make your rooms look very special while also being incredibly practical. Cheap shutters will warp quickly in a humid atmosphere and should be avoided.

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Which Window Coverings Are Best For The Environment?

This is where Eco- friendly window coverings really come out on top. They provide great insulation allowing you to turn down the thermostat on your radiators in the winter.

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What kind of Window Covering Styles are available

Posted on 2019-01-29 in Bay Window Shutters, Styles of Shutters

There are many things to consider concerning your requirements from your window dressing, such as the degree of privacy needed, how much control is necessary over light entering the room.

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Choosing Window Treatments To Save Time On Cleaning

Posted on 2019-01-25 in Spring Cleaning, Window Treatment Ideas

Are you looking to make cleaning in your home that little bit easier? A change in window coverings could be the best place to start. But if your window treatments are no longer looking their best, you may need to think about changing to a new solution.

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Pet proof window treatments

Welcoming a new pet into the family home can be an incredibly exciting time, but as with every new addition there are usually changes to be made to best accommodate them – discover how changing your furniture and fixings could be beneficial.

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How darkening your room will help you sleep better

Posted on 2018-04-06 in Infographic, Room darkening

Making changes to your bedroom environment, such as blocking out light and changing temperature can make all the difference when it comes to sleeping. Read our infographic to see what you could do with your home to help you rest.

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Do you want complete home security confidence?

Posted on 2017-11-21 in Intruder prevention, Security shutters

According to recent crime figures, burglaries in the UK have risen by 21% over a 12 month period, so there has never been a better time to secure your home. Choosing the best security window covers can therefore make a real difference.

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Window Dressing Ideas for Minimalist House Decor

What are the ways you can turn your home into a minimalist masterpiece? Contemporary window dressings are perfect for the stripped back look, and can really make your property stand out from the crowd and may be a solution you may not even have considered.

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Shutters vs Curtains: what is your preference?

Posted on 2017-07-06 in Shutters vs Curtains, Solar Shades

It’s a longstanding question, but which are the best solar shades for your home? When considering the right shades for your space, it is important to pick one that keeps the glare of the sun from off of your TV or computer screen.

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