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Blackout Shutters

Blackout shutters

Do Shutters Provide Blackout? There is not a window treatment available that can create a 100% blackout due to the very nature of how light works.

Indeed a room would have to be without windows and doors as light will find any tiny little crevice to filter through. However, without any doubt, shutters with a room darkening blind are the very best solution available. Because they are made-to-measure, and as the blind sits in a channel behind the shutter, light bleed is minimised and they create a very dark environment when closed.

Blackout Blinds Fitted With Shutters

Blackout shutters when combined with blackout blinds will give the ultimate that can be achieved, as any light bleed from one will be virtually cancelled out by the other. Choose blinds such as the S:CRAFT PURE Cell Honeycomb, as not only are they versatile, there is a day and night option which combines two materials – one black and the other opaque – to use depending on the time of day and the amount of blackout required.

Use these together with blackout shutters and daytime naps and street lighting will no longer be a problem as the combined result is extremely effective.

Blackout Shutters Ideal For Shift Workers

Room Darkening ShuttersIt is not just babies and small children that need to sleep during the day, shift workers are also faced with the need to get a good, long restful sleep during daylight hours.

Blackout blinds are the only real solution to ensure that required depth of sleep, as not only will they eliminate almost all of the light, they will also help greatly in reducing exterior noise.

If both blackout blinds and shutters are preferred, then the blinds will be fitted next to the window, allowing the ultimate in light exclusion when needed and when not, they will roll up neatly and sit out of sight behind the stunning looking shutters.

Control The Light In Any Room

There is so much more to light control than just for sleeping. Any room will benefit from this, especially rooms that receive direct sunlight at some point during the day.

Soft furnishings and furniture will no longer be liable to fade and watching television, using a computer or reading a book becomes so much easier; the louvres can be as open or closed as needed to allow for the perfect amount of light. Blackout shutters are not only a practical solution, but also a very stylish one.