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Save time and protect your shutters in one effortless motion

The handy AutoClose optional extra from S:CRAFT closes the louvres so you don’t have to. The mechanism will make sure the louvres are flat when they need to be, and will move them out of the way when you move the shutter panel, minimising the risk of accidental damage.

Much larger installations, say for example in front of a patio door, with added options such as split tilts and mid rails, can have many sets of louvres which you would need to close before moving the shutters out of the way. This fantastic time saving tool will do the job on your behalf, closing them as you slide the panels out of the way.

Combining a discreet mechanism between shutter panels, and a convenient ring pull, these shutters will do the hard work, giving you great peace of mind. AutoClose is a practical built in feature that will save time closing louvres after a long tiring day, reducing the chances of damaged louvres caused by overzealous operation.

There are 5 widths of louvre to choose from with this product.  Available in our hardwood ranges (Cuba, Samoa and Fiji), AutoClose can be used in conjunction with our silent tilt option.

Key features:

  • Saves you time
  • Reduces risk of damaged louvres
  • Great for tracks
  • Available in 5 louvre widths
  • Available in hardwood materials (Cuba, Fiji and Samoa)

Suitable for:

  • Larger installations
  • Patio door shutters
  • Room dividers and bespoke wardrobe doors

To find out about other options for our shutters click here: Optional Extras.

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Plantation shutters are a technical product with plenty of options to choose from to suit your tastes.
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