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Are Shutters a Good Investment?

Investing in Shutters

Are Shutters a Good Investment?

The first and foremost reason for investing in shutters has to be because you love them. They are stylish, chic, fit in with any décor and truly give any room the ‘wow’ factor. So, are shutters a good investment; this depends on your exact reasons for buying them.

If they are for your ‘forever’ home, then the initial cost does not come in to it, so you might select plantation shutters that are from an expensive range, knowing that they will last a lifetime and always look great.

This applies equally, whether the window shutters are painted or stained, as colours can be changed to adapt to different tastes as the years go by.

Good Value For Money

If however plantation shutters are being introduced into a house which will be sold in a short period of time, then a much cheaper version will be chosen and there is no doubt that they will increase the sale-ability of your property. Many people now consider curtains to be out-dated, indeed with the increase in allergies in both children and adults, they are regarded as high maintenance and difficult to keep dust-free.

On the other hand, normal blinds such as vertical are a nightmare to keep clean – think how many hours it takes to get in between each individual slat – plus, sticky little fingers just love to play with them – sound familiar? Also by very virtue of the attainable quality, they are not good value for money.

Cafe Style Shutters Half Height

Café Style Shutters Perfect Investment for Privacy

So we again ask ourselves,”are shutters a good investment?”, the answer is almost certainly, “ yes”. Like curtains they keep the heat in and the cold out, but unlike curtains they are easy to keep clean – in fact it is possible to run the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner over them.

Curtains keep out the light, as do shutters, but the advantage with shutters is that they can come in sections which are controlled by rods, so certain parts can be closed while others remain open. Curtains provide privacy, but if your house is on a street, who wants nets or having to keep the curtains closed all day.

Café style plantation shutters are perfect as they provide all the privacy needed while light still floods in above them.

A good Investment for Energy-Savings

If you are still asking the question “are shutters a good investment?”, consider the energy savings due to their insulation properties, their long-term durability, easy maintenance and incredible good looks and you will no doubt answer your own question.