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Introducing the Portchester range

Our new aluminium security shutters

This new exclusive product from S:CRAFT is currently available from a selected number of dealers across the UK. Complete the form to request a call back or survey, and your nearest dealer will be in touch shortly.

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Stylish looks, under lock and key

Who says improving home security means sacrificing style in favour of substance? Not S:CRAFT. In fact, the new Portchester Range delivers poise and peace of mind in equal measures. And, as you’d expect from S:CRAFT, the range is made to measure.

The Portchester range looks just like our normal elegant plantation shutters. But take a closer look and you’ll see one important difference… you’ll notice there’s also a lock and key.


Manufactured in South Africa, where home security is taken very seriously, these robust aluminium security shutters are designed to add an additional layer of security to your home.

Portchester shutters are corrosion resistant, hard-wearing and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When fitted indoors, they look like a stylish plantation shutter from the exterior, an aesthetic alternative to security bars or grilles. Equally, they can provide an exterior layer of protection against the elements for exposed properties, and are also ideal for patio doors and pergolas.

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Stylish Security Shutters

Think of them as a stylish security blanket, without having to install heavy traditional security grilles, roller shutters or burglar bars. Whilst these options are a clear visual deterrent, they aren’t the ideal way forward. Partly because style almost always takes a back seat. They often block out the light and look severe and industrial.

S:CRAFT Portchester shutters are different. They operate just like our other plantation shutters and are available in most shutter styles including full height, bi-fold and bypass.

They have a hidden tilt rod, so you can move the louvres by hand rather than by pushing a rod up and down. This creates a sleek, modern design with elegant contours and clean lines.

Once locked, the louvres still work as before but the shutter panels can’t be opened. So you can, literally, rest assured if you want to leave your windows open at night, for example, or if you have a more vulnerable window or room in your property.

Portchester shutters offer the ideal balance between peace of mind and elegance. While they’re not a visual deterrent to intruders (unlike their traditional counterparts) aluminium plantation shutters provide a robust additional layer of protection to your home.

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Reasons to choose S:CRAFT Portchester shutters

Enjoy the best of both worlds, with a beautiful plantation shutter made from intruder resistant aluminium and a patented lock system. They are designed to blend aesthetically with our non-security shutters, so you can maintain a consistent scheme through your home.

Portchester shutters are robust, durable and incredibly strong. Manufactured in South Africa, a country noted for its focus on security, the range includes patented Italian locks with a double key turn. This operates locking bolts to secure both the top and bottom of the shutter.

So you get to enjoy all the security features without sacrificing style. And, like all S:CRAFT shutters, you’ll also have total privacy, ultimate light and temperature control, and increased kerb appeal.

Key features:

  • 89mm louvres
  • Available in satin white, prime white, light grey, charcoal and custom colour
  • Silent tilt – no visible tilt bar
  • Available in hinged, bi-fold and by-pass styles
  • Patented Italian lock
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty (3 year for external shutters)

Suitable for:

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Smaller windows
  • Room dividers
  • Patio or conservatory doors
  • More vulnerable windows


What style choices do I have with Portchester security shutters?

Portchester shutters come in a range of styles, depending on the size of your window.  Aluminium is very heavy so they are ideal for smaller windows as well as room dividers and conservatory doors.  They are available in full height, bifold and bypass styles. Contact your local S:CRAFT dealer for more details (anchor to online form) and take a look at our image gallery.

Do Portchester shutters match your other ranges?

Portchester shutters are available with 89mm louvres in a choice of four colours; satin white, prime white, light grey and charcoal. They are a very close match to all our shutters and would not look out of place alongside our other ranges.  The main discernible difference is the subtle addition of a lock. They have been aesthetically designed to closely match our non-security shutter ranges, creating a seamless interior design.

Can your Portchester shutters be fitted outside?

Yes, our Portchester shutter range can be installed both internally and externally. They are made from aluminium and are waterproof and rustproof. They can provide an additional layer of protection from the elements, if your property is particularly exposed, and can also be used as a security barrier for summer houses, outdoor offices etc.

Would the addition of your Portchester shutters affect my insurance premium?

You will need to speak to your insurer directly as all policies are different. Aluminium security shutters are sometimes classified as security barriers or gates. Our manufacturer is working towards being awarded a formal security classification for Portchester shutters.

How much do Portchester shutters cost?

All S:CRAFT shutters are made-to-measure, and you can book a home survey for an accurate quote from one of our dealers. Portchester shutters offer the same features as our ranges with their additional security properties and are therefore priced accordingly. Portchester shutters can only be ordered via selected S:CRAFT stockists and we have exclusive UK distribution rights with our manufacturer.

Are security shutters a fire risk?

Security shutters can only be opened with a key, so it is important that owners keep their keys in an easily accessible place, and all members of the household know where these are in case of fire or any other need to leave the property via a window that has security shutters. For any rooms where security shutters are fitted, an alternative escape route is highly advisable. Aluminium is generally considered to be fire resistant.

Portchester® Certified Partner Program

Portchester Certified Partner Redux Shutter LogoPortchester aluminium security shutters are available to order via a selected network of trained and dedicated specialists across the UK.

Maintaining CE quality means that every shutter is custom crafted with great attention to detail throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring the highest quality standards.

To maintain the same level of quality from start to finish, S:CRAFT introduced the Portchester Certified Partner Program; meaning we’re passionate about working with partners who share our values to deliver first class service and a premium finish when installing these stylish and practical shutters in your home.

Look out for the certified badge on our trade partner websites, which signifies that they have the technical skillset to certify for this program.

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In 1985 our manufacturer introduced the ageless beauty of timber adjustable louvre shutters to South Africa. Since then, their pioneering spirit and unwavering commitment to quality along with their focus on technological enhancements and product innovation have ensured that they continue to be at the cutting edge of the shutter industry.

With the increase in customer demand for enhanced security and product durability their product range has grown to include custom-made security shutters. Made from architectural grade, maintenance-free aluminium they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Manufactured locally in their Cape Town factory, the shutters are precision engineered with the beauty of traditional shutters while providing added features of security and durability. Leading standards of quality, service and an impressive track record have made our manufacturer’s shutters the benchmark in the industry.

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