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Alternatives To Wooden Shutters

Window Shutters Alternatives

When contemplating the purchase of shutters, immediate thoughts turn to using natural wood, as its stunning beauty cannot be equalled and we all want the very best for our homes or workplaces. However there are certain areas where wood is simply not practical, such as rooms where it may have direct contact with water or condensations.

It therefore becomes necessary to consider alternatives to wooden shutters in order to have continuity through the property. Bathrooms, wet rooms and kitchens take on a very special look when the windows are enhanced with shutters and the best material is the ABS Java range. It is 100 percent water resistant and can also be bought in different colours to match the décor.

For example, a ‘New England ‘ style bathroom looks amazing and with so many high-gloss kitchen unit finishes available, the choice of colours can make all the difference.

Plastic or ABS – The Pros and Cons

Plastic shutters, while serving a purpose can be quite flimsy; they are fine from a distance but up close they look and feel cheap. They are also difficult to keep clean, but as we all know – you get what you pay for and price is really the only pro. They will soon become shabby and colours can fade, meaning that they will need to be replaced after a while.

ABS is a far better choice and indeed can work out cheaper as they will last for a very long time.

Here are a few of the advantages:

  • ABS shutters are made from a tough material which is also used for example on kettles and the outer casings of Playstations, where the ultimate in durability is required
  • ABS is strong enough to be cut and used for special shaped windows and custom bay angles
  • ABS is extremely easy to keep clean – just wipe with a damp cloth, making them the perfect alternatives to wooden shutters
  • ABS is moulded so can cater for a range of special shape windows

Why Real Wood Plantation Shutters Are Best

There is nothing that can match the beauty of real wood. Windows are the focal point of any room and the choice of window dressing says a lot about the person. The UK is fortunate in so far as real wood shutters are affordable to most people. The wood is taken from sustainable, well maintained forests and treated to provide quality shutters which will stand the test of time. There is nothing quite like the smell, feel and appearance of real wood plantation shutters and they immediately impress all who enter the room. However, in order to preserve the beauty and lifespan of real wood, there are certain rooms where alternatives should wisely be contemplated.

When To Consider Not To Use Wooden Shutters

As real wood does not appreciate a moist environment or constantly being made wet, they are not suitable for bathrooms, wet rooms, toilets, swimming pools and kitchen areas where they could be affected. The S:CRAFT Java range is 100 percent water resistant and when used in a kitchen are easy to keep grease-free; there is also a choice of six different colours, so will suit any age or style of property. As S:CRAFT only use a high grade ABS, they are the perfect solution as alternatives to wooden shutters, giving the ultimate in both privacy and ventilation.


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