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A look at slider shutters

Looking closely at slider shutters

A look at slider shutters

Those big expanses of windows have often caused a problem when trying to find a window treatment that is not only versatile and functional, but also very beautiful – the problem is now easily solved with Slider Shutters. Not only are they made-to-measure ensuring minimum light bleed, they also come in a stunning range of materials to suit any room, whatever its use. Privacy and light control is no longer an issue as you are in complete control, (how many things can you say that about in life!) and they will certainly provide a stunning yet practical solution.

Five Facts About Slider Shutters

  1. They are custom-made to each individual customers requirements, giving versatility when it comes to shutter size and panel width.
  2. As there is a variety of materials and colours available, you can choose from several different design possibilities.
  3. Don’t just think about windows and patio or French doors – they also make incredible room-dividers and wardrobe doors.
  4. As the panels are constructed individually, they are perfect for long runs. Your installer will ensure that the widths are exact to maintain the integrity of the shutters.
  5. Look at any interior design magazine or watch property programmes on television and you will soon see how often designers and architects use sliding shutters to create that ‘wow’ factor.

Bi pass track shuttersBi-fold Shutters Or By-Pass Shutters

What is the difference we hear you ask; so let’s answer that question first. Bi-Fold shutters use hinges to fix all the shutter panels together, so if you want them folded back completely, they will concertina alongside each other and sit neatly against either side of the window or room, still looking gorgeous. S:CRAFT also make a free-floating version which you can discuss with your installer. Bi-Pass shutters are not hinged together but sit in gliders which then allow them to slide in front or behind each other. This type is extremely popular for use as room dividers and for wardrobe doors.

Slider Shutters Ideal For Many Interior Features

Picture them anywhere and discuss with your installer, the practicalities of your desired requirements, as this is he best way to know where to use them, such as:

  • Wardrobes Doors
  • Room Dividers
  • Cupboard Doors
  • Long Runs

They will without a doubt make a stunning addition to any home or workplace and with their robustness, ease of use and beauty, slider shutters are definitely in a league of their own.


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