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A Guide To White Wooden Shutters

White wooden Living room Shutters

Discovering the stylish beauty of White Wooden Shutters

If you think white is well … white, then think again, as white wooden shutters come in many different finishes such as matt, satin and gloss, each giving its own special look. Picture also different shades of white – you only have to look at the S:CRAFT colour palette to see the variety available – from pure white to pearl with many subtle shades in between and either side. Of course if high-gloss pure white is to your taste, then what could be more perfect, but it is nice to be able to experiment a little.

Bay Window Shutters for bedrooms

Why Are White Wooden Shutters So Popular

Without a doubt, white wooden shutters are the most popular and for many obvious reasons. They look clean and minimalist – perfect for the contemporary home, but they also look incredibly chic when seeking that special French style of décor. What could be better also than a ‘New England’ look – white shutters along with pale and dark blue décor and accessories – perfect. The Mediterranean image is also wonderful, using delicate shades to compliment such as yellows and oranges.

Will White Wooden Shutters Suit My Room?

Wooden shutters will look amazing wherever you put them, although it should be noted that wood is not well-suited to bathrooms and humid areas. For these take a look at the Java range which are made from a high grade ABS and are 100% waterproof. The first thing that you will not have to think about is your colour scheme, as white will go with anything and secondly you will not have to worry about the shape and style of your windows, no matter how unusual or difficult, as your shutters will be made-to-measure, so will fit perfectly. It really doesn’t matter where you want to put them, as they will look amazing anywhere.

What Are The Most Popular White Shutter Styles

Certainly, your choice of shutters will depend on your own personal taste and window shapes, but the most popular, because of their incredible beauty, versatility and functionality are:Plantation Shutters for Children's Bedroom

  • Full height shutters – because they offer the maximum light and privacy control
  • Café style shutters – because they are chic and perfect for houses that are on a busy street where privacy is needed from passersby
  • Tier-on-Tier – very versatile because certain parts can be left open while others remain closed, so no need to block out all the light
  • Bay window shutters – this is by far the most stunning window treatment for bay windows, both visually and for usefulness

Once you have made the decision to put white wooden shutters in your home – after installation, you will wonder how you ever managed without them.