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A Guide To Find The Right Shutter Company

Finding the right shutter company

A Guide To Find The Right Shutter Company

There are many businesses that can be found on the internet and the high street, so finding the right shutter company can be confusing. However there are certain criteria which must be met as shutters should not only look spectacular in your home or workplace, they must also be hard wearing and functional. Be wary of companies that tell you how easy they are to fit yourself, as even a small mistake can prove expensive; look for one that provides a full service from discussing your needs and measuring through to fitting. Remember if something is cheap, there is a reason.

I Have Found a Shutter Company – Are They Right For Me?

Choose a large company that has a proven track record; ask to see recommendations from previous customers. If there are any doubts in your mind, walk away, as this is an investment in your home or business and you must get it right first time. Companies that supply S:CRAFT shutters are great ones to choose; you will know that they are made to the highest specifications and your supplier and fitter will have undergone very specific training to ensure a quality fit.

What Questions Should I Ask Before a Survey?

It is important to know that the shutter company you are talking to has plenty of experience and will be able to provide you with shutters that fit perfectly, so ask them what experience they have. Ask them also how long they have been supplying and fitting shutters and where they get them from – it doesn’t matter how good the fitter is if he has poor quality shutters to work with. Enquire also about colour options and finishes.

Are There Any Key Questions I Should Ask Before I Make a Buying Decision?

The biggest key question is about the warranty which should be for around three years. Ask if the wood comes from a sustainable source and from where, also how it is treated to minimise the risk of twisting and warping. There are many different designs available, so ask your surveyor which ones he or she recommends for your windows. Lastly enquire about fitting time; as your shutters will be made-to-measure they should be able to be fitted quickly and with minimal disruption. Choose your shutter company with care and you will have a window treatment to be proud of for many years to come.