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A Buyer’s Guide To Window Shutter Designs

Buyer's Guide to Plantation Shutters

Use our handy Guide To Buying the best Window Shutter Designs

There are many window shutter designs to choose from; placing them in your home or workplace will not only create a beautiful feature, but also a very practical one.

The type that you select will depend on several points, the main ones being the size and shape of your windows, the age and style of the property and what you want to achieve from your shutters.


From New England To Architect Window Shutter Designs

They are timeless in their appeal and regardless of whether your property is ultra-modern or characterful, will look stunning and add to whatever image you wish to create, from olde worlde, deep south plantation and New England through to architect designed modern interiors.

Window shutter designs range from:

  • Full height – they span the full height and width of the window frame.
  • Tier-on-tier – panels are divided into sections, giving great flexibility.
  • Café style – these cover the lower half of the window only.
  • Bay window – made-to-measure, they will greatly enhance any bay window.
  • Track – perfect for any large expanse of window, French or patio doors.
  • Solid – These look wonderful in any characterful home and also make excellent room dividers.
  • Special shaped – the quintessential solution for any odd or stylized windows.
  • Door – Without a doubt, the most stylish way to enhance any doors.
  • ABS – perfect for humid rooms such as bathrooms, as they will not warp or twist.
  • Conservatory – made-to-measure, they will ensure a perfect fit, allowing you to use your conservatory all year round.

Important When Considering Window Shutter Designs

It is very important when considering shutters, that you purchase from a reputable manufacturer such as S:CRAFT, as this is a long-term investment in your property.

They not only add value, they also increase the kerb appeal and can help to greatly reduce allergies that are caused by dust mites. S:CRAFT has fully trained, very experienced stockists and fitters throughout the UK, who will not only be able to take you through all your options, while keeping within your budget, they will also ensure that you have excellent before and after sales customer care.

Plantation Shutter Designs

Bedroom ShuttersAn important factor to consider with window shutter designs is the slat sizes, as this will depend on your requirements with regards to privacy and light control; the narrower the slats the more control, but if the enjoyment of a wonderful view is your priority, then wider slats are perfect. It is also possible to have a privacy rail at the midsection, which gives you the flexibility of having one part open and another closed.

Colour and stain options are another important consideration with window shutter designs. Decide whether you want a natural wood look, in which case S:CRAFT have a choice of styles which offer this. Perhaps you prefer white to give those clean modern lines that are so popular today. The other alternative is to go for colour, maybe to tone in with your current décor or if a custom colour is required, then this is also an option.

Take advice from the experts and have them fitted by a professional, this way your choice of window shutter designs will be tailor-made and perfect.